About Us

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Educollabs is a start-up company under the Smart Edutechno Collaborations company engaged in information technology and information systems.

Our service is in the form of managing software technology used in education, then joint research programs and information technology training, and educollabs has an educational platform called "Kampus Bersama". Educollabs decided to focus on the world of education because in our opinion education is currently growing very massively .

Currently, learning has reached the Ubiquitous level. So that all learning information taken can be sourced from all directions. Learning is no longer using the old ways that are usually done. Educollabs opens opportunities for investors, partners and the general public to join in realizing our Vision.

"Education Towards Smart Learning in the Era of Society 5.0".

Our missions include :

  1. Building cooperative relationships with educational institutions.
  2. Building a high-tech education support platform.
  3. Designing a technology-based independent curriculum concept.
  4. Self-education recognition modeling. and last,
  5. Building a joint business in managing smart education.

With all humility, we will be happy to cooperate with our esteemed partners. We will always need your support as suggestions and constructive criticism. If you are interested in becoming a partner or simply looking for further information, please contact the contact listed on this website.


Support Organizer :

Our Division

Educollabs Institutions

Institution January 2023

This division is the part that regulates the existing academic system in educational institutions. Educollabs Institution is an educational platform such as a virtual campus that contains members from leading campuses who work with the Smart Edutechno Collaborations. All models, regulations, administration, and learning processes will be exactly the same as campuses in general, namely with a semester credit system. In the end, you will get a diploma that is legally recognized by an official institution. The Educollabs Institution platform itself is managed by Smart Edutechno Collaborations.

Software Engineering

Development March 2022

This division is part of the field of software project management. The projects undertaken are of course projects managed by Smart Edutechno Collaborations itself and its partner projects. This software project is executed under terms established by educollabs' own policies. In working on the project, it is also possible to involve other stakeholders or other developers who work with us. If you are interested in working with us both as partners and developers, please contact us via the contact listed.

Educollabs Publishing

Publisher April 2022

This division is part of the management of scientific publications at Educollabs. This scientific publication service is the same as publications published by campuses in general. This published publication is the work of lecturers, researchers, and students who have research results and scientific work. The platform used is OJS/PKP. Currently, there is a collaboration between the corporation Smart Edutechno Collaborations and the Center for media, games, and mobile studies from the Informatics Department at Universitas Amikom Purwokerto. Please those who are interested in submitting can directly visit our publication portal.

Running Projects

Project "Kampus Bersama"

Web Developer January 2023 - January 2023

Currently, Educollabs is running a project in the form of working on a digital campus platform with a special concept. We work with several researchers and developers in working on it. This shared campus concept is a concept that adopts LMS and MOOC.


  • Ing ngarsa sung tulada, ing madya mangun karsa, tut wuri handayani

    Ki Hadjar Dewantara
  • Education is the deadliest weapon in the world, because with education you can change the world

    Nelson Mandela
  • The purpose of education is to sharpen intelligence, strengthen will and refine feelings

    Tan Malaka
  • Education is what remains after forgetting everything he learned at school

    Albert Einstein
  • Wise people learn when they can. Fools learn when they have to.

    Arthur Wellesley