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Sharing Knowledge Through Literacy System Technology to Approach the Era of Smart Education

We are a publishing house that represents all academic institutions through a unified system.

We work together with numerous educational establishments, particularly universities, to jointly generate scientific work derived from research and project development outcomes.

  • System of integrated publisher consortium.
  • Contains issue content from popular fields and trends in this era.
  • Highly respected publications from independent and educational institutions are overseen by expert editors at Educollabs.

We handle scientific publications as a legal organisation as well. We oversee multiple journal portals that are funded by various community organisations and institutes of higher learning. We provide index management, DOI, and ISSN services. Generally speaking, Educollabs offers resources to support academics in their role as independent publishers. Through the administration of educational resources and the promotion of literacy in general, the goal is to promote intelligent education programs.

Our Mission

Our goal is to inspire and motivate all thinkers to keep releasing inspiring and up-to-date scientific articles. Share expertise across a range of disciplines to provide the public with educational resources.

Our Plan

In order to promote the smart campus era, EPM will keep developing this publication medium into an instructional tool. EPM will keep working to create learning systems using IT-based resources under the personalised learning concept.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a pioneer in publication media to contribute information technology-based learning materials towards an era of smart campuses that have sustainable value.


JMTT - Journal of Multimedia Trend and Technology is an online journal that is organized and managed independently by a consortium of multimedia and visual communication design lecturers. JMTT is an open-access journal that is provided for researchers, lecturers, and students who will publish research results in the field of all of the things about Digitalized Multimedia and its process. Currently, JMTT is under the auspices of the Amikom University Purwokerto higher education organization, with the management of the Multimedia, Game, and Mobile Apps Study Center together with Educollabs.

ISSN: 2964-1330 (Online)   DOI: Prefix 10.35671   Licence: CC NC SA 4.0

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • For academics who are interested in applying to be a journal manager, please apply via the "Apply" button listed at the top of this page. Next, you will be directed to the application form, and follow the instructions until your application can be processed.

  • Yes, after your application as an editor is approved by Educollabs, you will be given access rights as an editor in the journal that you will manage yourself. You can organize it according to topics of interest in the journal media that you manage.

  • You will be given full access as a manager. You can make the journal paid or free according to certain policies regulated by educollabs in the form of an agreement letter. You can determine your own team according to the policies that you create specifically for the scope of the journal that you manage yourself. Educollabs only has the authority to publish or close Journal portals submitted under the auspices of Educollabs in accordance with the provisions that have been regulated.

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